Looking for reasonably-priced Bartzella

gardenwebbieJuly 10, 2006

Does anyone know where to get one in Canada?

I have checked the following and still a bit in doubt...

thimblefarms.com (a bit expensive with actual size --- #of stems unknown)

peonygarden.com (too expensive at $300 for 'nice size' bare root --- not sure what's mean by nice size.)

Select Plus in Quebec (costs $84, but division size only 1 to 2 eyes --- isn't that a bit too small and perhaps takes longer to bloom?)

planteck.com (uses micropropagation --- bloom result is suspect. It's the cheapest but size also unknown, customer service said will bloom in 2 years).

peonymeadows.com (This one in Virginia, US --- need a phytosanitary document, but numerous requests for update/progress (for him to get a new doc from local official) for the past 2 months have not been answered. Hopefully nothing bad has happened...

Where else should I try? I am leaning towards Select Plus right now because of the price. But will it survive and bloom in 2 years? 1 to 2 eyes really sounds too small a division.

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Hi, I don't know if they were selling it this year but I know I saw a Bartzilla from the Countryman Peony Farm that I went to in Vermont a few weeks back. I know that they sell Internationally (something in their catalog said something about supplying a phytosanitary document if requested). If you can do a search for the 2006 Countryman Peony Farm on the New England Regional Forum I posted a list of the Peonies that they are selling this year, believe me they have the worlds largest inventory of peonies, that doesn't me they are selling every single one of them, I guess they only sell 20-30 different varieties per year and every year is different (I want one that they were selling last year and I was told that they will not be selling it again for another five years, yep I wanted to cry). They do not have a website but I posted a list of what they are selling this year and some pictures of what they do have. I think they have something like 1200 different plants, the place is spectacular. I don't know what part of Canada you are from but if you are from the Eastern side and can get to Vermont I would imagine that their late season bloomers are just about to pop.

Good luck.


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I found that forum post you mentioned (http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/neweng/msg0614525417568.html). It doesn't include Bartzella as one of the available peonies for sale... Perhaps I'll call them later today.

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I hope you do follow up with Countryman's...it's funny that on your other post (which I noticed first) asking about the difference between "Garden Treasure" and "Bartzella," the info I found when I googled had a reference to Bill Countryman!

Since they don't have a web site, I'll give you their contact info:
phone number: (802) 485-8421 / email: countrymanpeonyfarm@netscape.com

Tell them Wendi and Judye sent you! ;-D

Their catalog says that shipping & handling to Canada will be billed at cost, and there's no charge for the phytosanitary certificate.

If you decide to order "Garden Treasure" from them, talk to Chris Countryman about the special way to plant it. He was telling my friend about it...and it seems to generate more stems for flowering (sorry I wasn't paying too much attention).

Good luck!

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Thanks for the info!

You know... the guy at peonymeadows.com followed up with me and he said he can sell Bartzella for $110 plus $30 for the phyto cert. I was thinking about buying one from him, but then it suddenly hit me... I can't tell the difference between Bartzella and Garden Treasure. They look so much alike from the pictures I have seen so far. How would I know if he's actually selling me the right flower? I sure hope he knows the difference between the two. Just the fact that he only sells Bartzella but not Garden Treasure kinda worries me a little... I am perhaps being paranoid, especially after a reputable nursery sold me a mistagged Glowing Embers Hydrangeas (which blooms WHITE!!!).

Amyway, I have emailed them twice. First one last week when peoniesaremyfave told me about Countryman, then another one today. I ahve also called them left a message. But so far there have been no replies...

We'll see...

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I've found they're slow to respond to e-mails and calls. It's possible they're on vacation, now that their busy season for visitors is over. It's a family-run business.

Please be patient, they are worth the wait.

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Spoke with Bill finally... Nice gentleman! I think Iam gonna get Garden Treasure from them.

Tahnks again for the tips, by the way...

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I'm glad it worked out well! Remember to talk to Chris come planting time!


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Yes, I will...

By the way, I 'stumbled' upon a nursery called Dominion House. I was looking for something else but found out that they sell Bartzella bare roots with 2/3 eyes for CAD$63! Wow!!! That's the cheapest I've found! I think I am going to order one from them and get Garden Treasure from Countryman.

Hopefully I won't end up with 2 Garden Treasures... :))

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)


I can show you a picture of an actual Bartzella at Countrymans. It was a beautiful peony. Enjoy and I will be envious!

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Great pic, Wendi!

I just compared this photo with the one ego45 posted in a separate, though similarly themed, thread. The Bartzella looks like it's a softer yellow and has less orange in the center. Don't know if that's true for the cultivar or just for these particular plants (or the light of day when pic taken, or the camera). ;-D

Both are gorgeous!!

gardenwebbie, you made a great choice - by getting both!


scroll down on the linked thread to find the photo of GT.

Here is a link that might be useful: ego45's shot of Garden Treasure

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peoniesaremyfave(z5b NH)

Hi Judye and Gardenwebbie!

It may just be the picture and the sun exposure because if you look at the petals on the outside edge on the right side of the picture and the very top petal on the left side they are lighter. I do remember absolutely loving the flower, that is why I took the picture and Gardenwebbie you have definately made great choices by picking both.

Wendi :)

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Fair comparison could be made only if you grow them side by side (which I don't), but as I remember comparing mine GT to friend's Bartzella (it start blooming for him about 5-7 days earlier than mine GT) the main difference was in a brighter center coloration of GT, not in a color of petals.
Again, slightly different sun exposure or observations done during a different weather conditions could influence such very subjective comparison.
In any event, beauty is in the eye of beholder, isn't?

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To all of you who replied, especially Judye and Wendi...

Thanks for the words of encouragement related to my plan to get both GT and Bartzella. It'll take quite a toll on my wallet but with some serious TLC (once I plant them) I hope they are worth it.

They really look quite close together except the middle part. I really hope I will be getting to different variety... Then I can do my own serious comparison. :P

At this point, there's no way I can tell one from another... especially not from bare roots. :))

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

Hi Gardenwebbie,

I was wondering if you ended up buying a Bartzella from Dominion seed house. They are still offering them at $63. I e-mailed and they indicated that they are 2 yrs old and come in a 2 1/2" pot. I saw in this thread that they were 2-3 eyes. I'm looking for feedback as to your experience.

Hope you see this

Green Thumb Guy

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Green Thumb, before investing $63 think how small a 2 1/2 inch pot is. No way could they be 2-3 eyes or two years old. If fertilized alot many of the intersectionals can be divided every two years, some even after a season but doing this is iffy. Wait the price will come down.

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teresa_b(z6 MO)

Revisiting an older thread to see what the outcome was for Garden Treasure and Bartzella now that more people have experience? which is the brighter yellow?



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If you have a Lowes in your area check there. The Lowes in our area have them for under $40 US.

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