Can I plant peonies in the summer?

Popp(5)July 7, 2013

I just bought some clearance roots that looked healthy, but every source I look at says to plant peony roots in the fall. A few sites advised planting them in pots and then transplanting, but I also read that peonies don't like to be disturbed.

Why can't I plant peonies right now? And what would you recommend doing: waiting, planting them in a pot and transplanting, or planting straight in the ground now?

Thank you!

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Of course you CAN plant them in the ground in the middle of summer, but it is not a good idea. Why not plant them in pots for the summer and let them get some growth on the roots before planting them in the garden? This would be easier to do with less risk of losing a weak plant. In a pot you move them into a partial shade area where you can keep an eye on them. Al

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I assume your clearance plants were bareroot. I'd second Al's recommendation, put them in pots in partial shade where you can control the amount of water they're given easily. You're right about them not wanting to be moved a lot but you can safely transplant those in pots in the fall. If your clearance plants were pots I'd just leave them as is until fall, find a shady spot for them and keep them watered through the summer. I'm in CO also, zone 5. Just plant them so the eyes are an inch or so below the ground in the fall and they'll be good for next spring. Good luck!

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Actually, no plant LIKES to be disturbed. But if you have to move something, then you have to. It is an old myth about peonies not liking this and that. 2 years ago I was throwing out some of my peonies I was tired of, and my brother-in-law took them all, in the middle of a heat wave in the middle of summer . Not only they all survived , but many of them bloomed next year.

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Hi, I also got just 1 bare root peony (Emile Debatene) @ Home Depot (Aurora, Ontario) / clearance for $1.75 :)
I just soaked it for few minutes in water to get a clear view of the eyes, and will plant it in a pot to get some growth on it (as per Al) and will see what happens...this is my first time to try bare roots method. On the other side I collected some seeds from my other herbaceous peonies and will try to get them germinate in some water then a small pot. Not sure if it works! Any advice here? thanks all peony lovers:)) Hala

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Did it all the time as I gave them away or thined them out around the old place.
I brought some with me and even mailed them out last summer.
Some even sat in a bag for awhile and they came back this year.

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Thanks for all the great feedback! Soaking the bare-roots now and I'll throw them in some pots in the shade. Appreciate it!

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