hot pepper relish

matthew18(5)January 9, 2011

If you wanted to make your own hot pepper relish which hot peppers would you grow? I live in z5. I like the B&G hot pepper relish you get in the store. Love it on sandwich's. I would like to make one of that. Any suggestions on peppers?

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A recipe I made that many like:

I made over a gal. of this to freeze etc.
could be canned... You'll need a meat grinder or food processor.

6 sweet yellow bell peppers
6 sweet red peppers
6 lb. jalapino peppers-stemed
12 golden bullet habaneros -thats all I had
6 orange habaneros -I added a few more after it blended
2 large red onions
1 large white onion
3 whole garlic bulbs
14 cups raw sugar
16 boxes dried apricots
1 1/2-2 qts. apple cider vinegar
4 packets pectin- optional
1 ginger 3 in. X 3/4 in root-peeled

Grind apricots,onion,garlic,ginger and peppers in a meat grinder-fine plate.
Add vinegar and sugar.Let blend in fridge overnight. Adjust hot pepper amount to desired taste.
Be careful with the ginger.It can take over if you add too much.I start out with the above measurements and add more of whatever I think it needs after it blends overnight.
People say they almost can't stop themselves from digging in and eating it with a spoon.
Good on fish and poultry.Anything really.
I was thinking of making an egg roll filled with shrimp,ham and this relish.
Great for a sweet and sour type stir fry too.

This stuff freezes ok too.

For canning
bring to a slow boil,add pectin-follow canning instructions on pectin pack for canning..

Only add enough ginger so you can barely taste it.After blending overnight it gets a lot stronger tasting.

recipe calculator for smaller batches

Submitted by Smokemaster

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iam3killerbs(7 NC Sandhills)

I used the recipe from the Sure-Jell box with Jalapenos and Mexi-bells as the hot pepper component. I made one batch with the green bells and hots and the other batch with the red bells and hots.

The relish took over a month to fully set up so don't be surprised when it comes out runny. Its very tasty, but not spicy enough and the green batch has that distinctive cooked green pepper taste.

Nevertheless, we like it enough that I'll be growing extra hot peppers just for pepper jelly/relish. But I'll use more hots and fewer bells and may grow some peppers that would be too hot for us to use otherwise just for the pepper jelly.

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Thanks guys. Smokemaster. It might take me a few year to get through a gallon of hot peper relish. How long is the shelf life? I could always do smaller containers..

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I freeze it in pint containers-snap lids.
I didn't feel like messing with canning it.
Never had an opened container go bed-didn't last long enough...
Recipe calculator link is with the recipe for smaller batches.

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So i need to grow sweet red, yellow, jalpenos and habaneros? Thats it? Any special variety?

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Use whatever peppers you like.
I made a batch with Manzanos too instead of Habaneros...

Did I really need to write that? LOL

Only reason for the different colored bells was for eye candy-looked purdier than just green ones.
I used the bullets because they were there to use.

But you MUST use Homer Simpson Guatamalan Insanity Peppers instead of habaneros if you want it to be REALLY great stuff.
Maybe a few basketball sized , Purple and red , Spikey and Pitted Manzotohabalokianos's too.

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Serranos are great for stuff like that. They are huge producers as well.

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