edgar_1(z6NY)November 27, 2008

I planted spelt in my large back garden here in Brooklyn(lucky to have that) late september birds feasted and I am not sure I raked in deep enough. New to this. Now just a few shoots appear.

Don't think the sparrows ate all the seeds. What happens next. Do Shoots arrive later in winter or did I miss out not planting early enough...

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

I think spelt is a type of wheat, so you want to plant in the spring or summer, so it has enough time to develop, since its not a perennial. You broadcast in spring and if you have a sparrow problem you can string a net out a few inches above the ground to keep the little pricks out. Alternatively you can catch and eat the sparrows, much more nutritive content per acre than spelt(0 acres or so) and house sparrows are an invasive species anyways.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Spelt is large-seeded and well protected from most seed eaters while growning. The seed is tightly wrapped inside the glumes. Hard to thresh free of the covering for both you and other seed eaters. I don't know how well this grain will self-seed because the grain head doesn't "shatter" and scatter seed. Birds and rodent have an longer time to feast on the seeds.

You might have better luck saving seed, starting them inside and later transplanting out when soil warms.

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Thank you people I learned yet again from experience I will take what you both said and process it.
Thanks again

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