Zamia Coontie Palm (cycad)

mastiffhoo(7)April 2, 2010

I was in the local Walmarts the last couple of days and for the FIRST TIME they have cold hardy palms. With the cold hardy palms they have a Coontie Palm - which seems to be a species of cycad. The research I have seen from this says zone 9 - can anyone give me any insight?


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They are very nice cycads, but not very cold tolerant. Im sure it can handle some light frosts and temps in the 20s with leaf damage, but I dont think it can handle anything much lower than 25. Still a really nice potted plant. How much are they selling for?

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they are for $18 - and the one is a nice sized one. Figured it would be a pretty house plant (potted) in the winter if anything.
All the cold hardies are $18

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I have a cardboard palm wich is a cycad and I believe it is in the Zamia family. It now has one new green leaf. Prior to the freeze it easily had a hundred leaves and about five cones which are all now cardbord brown.

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Darkman, the Coontie and Cardboard palm are both Zamias. Coontie, of course is a Florida native and cold hardier. I have to replace another cardboard due to cold damage. My Sago palms (Cycas revoluta),Dioon edule, and Encepalartos are fine as usual but the Cardboard has real issues with prolonged
chill even if frostfree). Next year I'm overwintering the Cardboard in the house rather than the sunny garage. Good luck!

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Coontie seedlings are available now on ebay for $1.50 each. Nurseries usually charge at least $20 per plant. Coonties are very slow growing and difficult to transplant due to a large taproot. Coontie seeds are plentiful now, but not the easiest to germinate. I've tried a few times with little success.

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The Cardboard palm I reported on April 3rd is now two plants and each one has recovered nicely and each has about fifteen leaves which are about 2 1/2 foot long. Prior to the 2010 freeze it probably had a total of sixty leaves. It was thick enough I did not know it was two plants. I plan to divide it. It survived two weeks of sub freezing, many nights of up to five hours below freezing and two nights that the temperature hit 19.

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We dipped into the teens this past winter and my Coonties had no visible damage. They are growing about 3ft or so from the house, which is block, so I'm sure that it helped.

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First time with Coontie plants, planted two of them outside my pool cage. Mostly sunny southern facing area. They were fine till the cold hit us last week for 2 nights. I thought they were cold hardy, so I did not cover them, as I was short on "plankets" and sheets! They used to be green. Now they are brown. Does anyone know if they will turn green again? Are the leaves that turned brown definately dead? If I took off all of the brown fronds, there would be about 1 leaf left. I bought at Home Depot, and I saved receipts so I could dig up and return/replace

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