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lundaesundae(Zone 6)January 20, 2014

I have decided this year to really get into gardening and more to the point growing super hot peppers. This stems from the fact i had an interesting experience last year eating an entire ghost chili and i have decided to grow these and others. I did order seeds from however many of the seeds got broken in the mail and some have had a very poor germination rate (highest is 50% lowest is 0%) the peppers i have been unable to germinate are the Moruga scorpion peppers. Luckily i had broken them up into different batches and am trying the paper towel method to germinate this batch(this is my last hope). I am not feeling overly optimistic and i was wondering if anyone had tips to germinate these peppers or would be willing to send some seeds of the scorpion and possibly a 7 pot variety. I do have viable Cherry pepper seeds and excess caramel bhut (although these were one of the variety i ordered so can't assure they will even be alive) but you are welcome to the rest of them!

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Sorry to hear about your seeds. I have some seeds from what I am told is Maruga Scorpions. If anyone can confirm, I can send you some. Send me an email with your address. I would not mind trying some of the caramel bhut if you have spares.

As for germinating, I had no issue with mine with the paper towel and ziplock bag.

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lundaesundae(Zone 6)

Either way thank you so much! Also, from what i have heard and seen pictures of i think those are it, but i am by all means an amateur and could be wrong.

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Lundaesundae: Paper towel method works, but make sure you wring out the paper towel. Excess moisture is no good. Also, try to keep the temp as close to 85F as possible. Heat mats are ideal but last year I used a toaster oven set at a low temp until I dialed it down to a constant 85-88F over a couple days and then threw my baggies wrapped in a cloth towel inside a dish. Some people use DVR's or even the top of their hot water heaters. Superhots, I have noticed, are pretty temperamental about the germ temps.

Good luck.


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I use seed starters on top of a heating pad and have good luck getting the superhots to germinate. Some have taken up to a month though. I'd be happy to send you seeds too. Email me your address.


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I just started four varieties on Monday and I already have tails coming out of several seeds from these varieties...

Moruga Scorpion
Carolina Reaper
Red Fatalli

I am using the small clear plastic sauce containers with a snap on air tight lid. I am keeping the paper towel piece underneath them pretty wet but no puddle of water appears if you tilt the container. All off the four are sitting on a heat mat with a couple of layers of dry paper towel on top of the mat just so they don't get too hot.

I need to get my seed tray and light ready!

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lundaesundae(Zone 6)

I don't think that it was the setup to be the problem because i did have some of my caramel bhuts and naga morich germinate in alittle over a week. They didnt have great success but some are alive and doing well, also my cherry peppers from a friend had 100% germination out of nine peppers. So I do believe it was just poor seed condition although a portion still remain viable.

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Cherry Peppers germinate at 75 no problem. Most super hots could take weeks to germinate at that temp. if at all . At 80 / 85 most seed should germinate in 6-14 days. Paper towels over of the fridge is what I do to test seed,works great . If you only have a few seed its a good way to conserve. Still growing on your plants like to be warm not just the roots . Temps. below 60 put stress on young plants , this should always considered when hardening off plants. I check the long term weather and make my moves accordingly. You can set yourself back by planting too early or not hardening off your peppers properly. Last year we had a record cold spring . 2 week delay on planting . Planting early could have taken all season to recover .if at all .

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TFortune(7a North AL)

Caramel Bhuts? That's a new one I haven't heard of yet... Are they a new strain, or a cross, or am I just behind a bit?

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lundaesundae(Zone 6)

Well I had seen them on and was curious myself so a little research and from what I could tell, they are a mutation of color from a chocolate bhut. I think there was some discrepancy on whether it is a different strain or not. Either way they looked interesting

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TFortune(7a North AL)

I see.. You'll have to let us know how they turn out...

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