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fernsk(z2 Canada)July 5, 2006

Does anyone have any suggestions for a peony that doesn't take up alot of space - a premium in my 17 x 17.5 ft back yard. I am creating a small cottage garden with a little pottager mixed in and would like to include a peony especially since I've started paying attention to how beautiful they are. The problem is SPACE and/or my lack of it. While the peony is beautiful I don't want to use alot of space for the relatively short bloom period. I've thought about Fernleaf but I do like the foliage of the regular peonies that I've seen. Help please if you can


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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

I planted 'Amalia Olson' just last year, so my track record isn't long with it - but I am VERY impressed with it so far. Thick dark green foliage, creamy white, VERY fragrant flowers, and its foliage is even supposed to color up in the fall. I got mine from Hollingsworth Peonies; here's their "blurb" on 'Amalia Olson:'

Amalia Olson (Olson 1959) Late Midseason. A Best Landscaper. Full double; all white, fragrant, good petal substance; a sumptuous flower which drains rainwater unusually well for a full double. Sturdy, medium height bush and gorgeous flowers make one of the finest peonies for any purpose: for the border, for cutting or for exhibition. Fall color is a bonus.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hollingsworth peonies

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You might try some of the tenafolia hybrids like Early Scout. This cultivar has single red flowers then a cut leaf foliage the rest of the year. Most of the ones with interesting foliage are alas singles. The P. japonica and P. vetchii both have different foliage and in addition if you leave the seed pods on the inside of the pods turn orangeish red to red with the dark gray to blue black seeds create a third season of interest.

Start looking at gardens and nurseries to see if you can find a foliage you like. The foliage can range from fine hair like to large macrophila leaves. Some varities have blueish foliage with or without fuzz. If you must have a taller type place to back of area and plant tall annuals arround it. As I wrote that a vision of the cosmos from the "Color Purple" sprang to my mine arround a lush green peony.

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A dear friend of my grandmother's had a very small garden out the back door of her retirement cottage-she grew two different peonies in tomato cages to contain the floppiness. the cages were not obvious after a few weeks when the foliage grew up, and she had her peony blooms and space too. She could leave the plants all summer to gather strength through the leaves and sunlight, and then cut the foliage, lift the cages and store them away over the winter.

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anitadehoff(Z8 Seattle/sunset 5)

I can't remember where I read it online, but Karl Rosenfeld was supposed to be medium ht but small spread. I've had one for about 8 years, it's about 2 ft wide and tall. I like the foliage, but I get the feeling Karl doesn't like my love.

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Hi, Khelm's Song Sparrow nursery has peonies that they call rock peonies, smaller in stature than other peonies.


Here is a link that might be useful: Khlem's Song Sparrow Nursery

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I would suggest you try Little Red Gem
It is a single red, is only 20" tall
blooms early on a nicely rounded compact plant
with cut leaf foliage.
It takes up little space and you won't be
We have several Canadian Suppliers
Try La Pivoinerie D'Aoust, Pivoines Capano
both of these are in Quebec, Canada

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