cold hardy blue potted palms are here too!?!?

islandbreezeApril 29, 2012

Kind of hard to believe, but after several years of asking the big box store garden managers to try to get palms in, I found Super Kmart of all places has them. Needles, sabal minors, evey Euro Fan palms and Pindos. Obviously the latter 2 are no where near cold hardy enough to survive even a zone 7 winter unprotected, but the other 2 at least stand a chance in zone 6b. I picked up 2 needle palms and 1 sabal minor, and might go back to rescue more for $22.99 a piece. Pretty good price.

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Glad that you have cold hardy palms being sold for you! Mediterranean fan palms are definitely good cold hardy palms, they are one of the easiest ones for me to protect.
Needles and Sabal minors will need some protection in 6b (maybe not during really mild winters once they are older) and those are going to do really well for you! You got a great price! Looking forward to hearing some updates!

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Glad they are starting to make them more avaiable more you all. I found our local Walmart with them discounted at 11.44$. So I came home with 3 new sabal minors myself! I would really check the palms thourohly before purchasing them. These garden centers seem to water every day regardless of the temps. I was checking out some at a local Lowes and found several Med. fan palms with spear pull after our last frost last week.

Good luck with your new palms!

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HardyPalmFreak((7b)(Bronx, NY))

I wish the ones here in the Bronx would get with the program

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You're definitely right about the watering everyday thing. They were sitting in water when I saw them, actually inside the store with the houseplants. The one Med fan they had looked like it had spear pull on one of the larger pups. The whole pup was dried up. I might go back for 2 more sabal minors. Sabals seem to be my new favorite type of palm LOL.

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With the blue pots, you really need to shop around and closely inspect them. But that's true with most purchases. I've had good luck with all my blue pot purchases. The good prices allowed me to beef up my collection and fill in holes in my garden. I'm not as impressed by the exotic varieties that you can buy on line. I'm very happy with basic windmills, minors, Med fans, needles and pindos. Good luck with them!

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I can't walk by a plant display this time of year(or any
other)without checking....earlier I found a huge Philodendron "Hope"
($11) at Wal-Mart along with a nice sized Amazonica(5.99).

And yesterday I bought a huge Variegated ginger for under $10....
it pays to look as some of the plants are either
under priced or they just don't know there worth(-;

Click for weather forecast

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I just went back today and picked up 2 more sabal minor and 1 nice pindo. I feel ashamed...haha. I'm running out of room in my garden, and another potted plant is definitely out of the question. I would have liked to have found a blue Med fan palm if they had any. They only had a green form, and 2 of the pups were dried up, so I didn't want to take my chances with the rest of the plant.

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They have only just appeared locally within the past year--seen at L's and a big, non-box nursery. They had Needles, Pindos, Blue Meds. I just planted a green med in the front in a raised bed. It's a hot exposure, near house, direct, unobstructed, southern but the house color at foundation is a cool color so it shouldn't bake. The theme in the front is Mediterranean so it fits in with the rosemary, lavender, figs, hardy cacti, and containerized olive trees. The med and date palms are the only two palms that I have that flower every year now so I am partial to them. Maybe one day the Trachys will bloom.

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Chadec, I meant to add, a frost definitely should not injure a Med fan! It probably developed root rot from excessive watering --which can even happen in summer. The big box stores either seem to drown their plants or impose a death drought on them.

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Njoasis I agree 100%. They (the big box stores ) water daily. Regardless if there is a frost advisory in effect or not. They also water over head. So the crowns are constantly drowning.

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Where, where, where??? I don't know where there are any Super K-marts left in Michigan -- they closed the ones I knew of.

Where is it?

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It's on Fort Street in Riverview/Southgate. I searched 4 or 5 different Kmarts, and this is the only one carrying them in the area.

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Thanks. The only Super Kmart anywhere close to me now is in Madison Heights, near my work. I might check them out before or after work tomorrow.

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Keep me updated if your Super K has them. I'd like to get a blue med fan if they have them.

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