My peonies never grow...

tombraider(6NC mts)July 5, 2008

after the initial spring growth and in 4 years are still almost the same same as they were their first spring.

I NEVER see any new growth on them throughout the summer. Is this normal?

Also, it has taken them 4 years for each of them to manage one or two blooms and one has never bloomed.

We are at an altitude of 2000 feet; do they dislike high altitudes?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Peony plants

ALL the flowers they produced this year

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Your statement that you 'never see any summer growth' made me stop and think. I don't think you can see much change in the amount of foliage after the bloom is over. The lush green foliage is producing sugars and starches that are being both stored and used to extend the roots. This unseen growth you will see next spring when your peony is 10 or 20% larger than it was this year with more blooms. Peonies like a consistent moisture as well as regular additions of organic matter such as finished compost spread around, not on top of, the plants spring and fall. Too often after the bloom is over gardeners lose interest in the plant. You may be sure your altitude is not a problem. Al

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tombraider(6NC mts)

Thanks, Al. I guess I'll stop worrying about them. :-)
I DO see that they are a little bigger in size each spring. They are not in the sunniest spot in the universe so I guess they are doing their best.

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