Strange Growth on Yellow Tree Peony

Betty LevarJuly 20, 2005

This tree peony is several years old. I read that sometimes the original plant which the tree peony is grafted to will start to grow and overtake the graft. A while back I noticed leaves that were a lot smaller and looked different than the rest so I removed that growth. Now I have huge leaves and I mean huge that are growing from the base of the tree peony stem. What is happening? Is this also the original plant and should I remove it or should I just wait and see what happens. The two new growths were so different from each other and different from the tree peony that I'm totally confused.

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tagzone5(z5 WI)

It's hard to tell which leaves are which from your description, but you're right, the leaves from below the graft can come up and look different. If the plant is younger or gets set back the leaves look different, too, since the leaves from the mature or healthy plant are often finer. It could be that the new growth is larger from being set back by your removal of the original growth, but whether that growth was from the nurse root or the tree peony is hard to say without seeing it. You could post photos of the different leaves to help make it easier. The link is an example of a yellow tree peony with a photo of its leaves, but it may not match exactly since each peony has subtle differences in leaves.


Here is a link that might be useful: Alice Harding peony

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