Finally, outside for 10 days but bittersweet

andyandy(6bMI)April 29, 2013

I was able to take everything outside Saturday and it looks like they can stay out for at least 10 days. Its suppoed to push 80 the next two days and then just back down to the mid-high 60s. it is bittersweet though. My coconut (my pride and joy of my palms) died. it was browning up for several weeks and then the entire trunk pulled off. I also lost the spindle palm I bought last August. it was nice and green but was flopping all over the place. I tried to move it saturday and the entire trunk ripped off. So I'm down net 1 palm. I did get a 3 gallon Trachy a few weeks ago which is doing quite well. Now i need to decide if I want to get a new coconut. Oh well, what can you do. At least the weather has broke. Hopefully for good.

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Get the coco!!

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Sorry to hear about the losses, my plants struggled indoors too this year and I'm working hard to bring them back to where they should be for the summer time.
I would definitely get another coco! Yours was really getting beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to replace the palms you lost with!

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Andy, sorry to hear about your coco. Why not give another washy a shot? They're much easier to grow and still give a tropical feel. I remember when you had that robusta years ago. Mule palms are another one worth trying. Also very tropical in appearance.

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Thanx guys, I think i may pick up a Roebi today, I'll see what they have at Lowes and H Dep. I may get another coco, we'll see, they are predicting a cooler than average summer for the Great lakes. I do plan on starting some Robusta seeds. They are the fastes growing palms I've ever had. I wish i had kept that big one I had years ago. it just got too big for the house. Now I'm in a much bigger place.

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i'd get another coco for sure! But sorry to hear about that. I also lost mine early this year. but yeah you should also get different types of palms as well. I decided to try a King palm, and will probably ened up trying majestys and kentias as well.

- US_Marine

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