Wanted - Gay Paree or Other Peonies (Share/Trade)

houdiniiJuly 2, 2008

Anyone in the Kansas City area have the peony "Gay Paree"? I like the contrasting bloom. I see it's only $12.50 at gilbert h wild online; but I'd rather not pay for shipping for just 1 or 2 peonies, when I haven't much room for too many more. I think I can squeeze in maybe 4-5 more different varieties.

I haven't any mature peonies that I can trade other than what I believe to be some Sorbet peonies...I've posted links to my Sorbet pics on this forum before, so they're nothing different than what many of you have probably seen before.


If there are other peonies you're interested in sharing/trading, let me know. Thanks. I may just have to wait until the '09 HPS sale in the fall to add to my collection.

I already have:


Red Charm

Raspberry Sundae

Festiva Maxima

Mons. Jules Elie



Dr. Alexander Fleming

Louis van Houtte

Angel Cheeks

Paul Wild

Lollipop Lies

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I would guess that after 2 months with no replies we should be ready to move on. Al

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