how can I tell if I have a herbaceous or tree peony

lilleyl2005(napa)July 4, 2005

I just recently bought what I thought was a tree peony--green leaves growing from dark woody stumps--kind of like citrus have leaves coming off of a stump. I know that to get a tree peony, you have to graft it onto a herbaceous peony.

Then someone pointed out that the peony bouchela is really a herbaceous peony--I got really confused. So how can I tell which one I have. Do I have to bury the woody stumps when I'm planting it?

Thanks in advance.


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oshenar(rainy West Coast z8)

If that is indeed the name of the plant, then it is herbaceous. the plant you bought should be pot grown right? If so, you don't need to really plant it any deeper than it is in the pot (for herbaceous anyway). Planting too deep (having the buds lower than 2 inches from the surface) apparently discourages the plant from blooming.

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