where to plant (ideas)

ajpa(z6 se PA)July 6, 2009

Help me figure out where to plant / move some peonies to this fall.

I have 2 in a pot & 2 in ground, but in a crowded spot, that I got in spring on impulse, still small, and one big one that is in a bad spot (too shady & got all mildewy this year and only had one bloom). They are all pink double blooms.

My choices are backyard - morning sun (facing due east), or making a new bed in the front - maybe along the driveway, which is bare anyway. That would be basically full sun, but then I would have to figure out other plants to put with it.

What are your favorite peony beds like -- what bushes/flowers beside it, etc?

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And along with this, what kind of sun is best? I don't have any "full sun" to speak of in my yard. I have a choice between afternoon or morning sun. Thanks for asking this, ajpa!

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maidinmontana(Zone 5 Billings MT)

I think they do/look best in full sun. But if you have to choose, I'd go for the afternoon sun. It is more intense/stronger. Mine isn't in a bed at all, it is in the middle of my yard all by itself, no shade what so ever, and is a beauty. Blooms well, and is a healthy plant. I do have to stake it to keep it upright tho.

Hope this helps

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