Growing peonies from seed

chibimimiJuly 1, 2012

I recently fell for a pretty picture and bought some peony seeds -- supposedly the bloom is blue. Since then I've read that it is difficult to grow peonies from seed. What is the best way to do it or should I just admit defeat?

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I'm guessing this may be what you purchased right?;hash=item3378429940

If you have them on order, I would suggest scarifying the seeds with hot tap water, not boiling water, let them sit in the water for 24-48 hours until the seeds stop floating, then plant them into a fertile flower bed about 2 inches deep. They need about at least 3 months of warmth, then 3 months of cool temperatures, and then another warmup to sprout. If you plant them now, you should have some of them sprout next spring, but many may take until 2014.

They do best in a flower bed because it is a natural environment with natural fluctuations in temperature & moisture levels. The planting depth is also very important because if they surface, pill bugs will eat them up, or they might freeze. 2 inches is a pretty good depth.

I have attached one of my blogs. By now, some of these seedlings have 3-5 leaves and nice woody stems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seedling blog

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Thank you so much, Steve. You have given me hope.

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I hope you realize that there is no such thing as blue Peony. The picture in that listing is badly photoshopped.

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