Dividing Peonies???

bobby1973July 12, 2006


i have a cluster of 3 peonies at one side of my house that gets part sun/part shade. i noticed that this year the plants hardly put out any blooms at all - not a whole lot of buds formed. the foliage however was extremely abundant and healthy looking! i'm wondering if maybe i should dig them up and divide them this fall. any ideas?

many thanks!


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Peonies do not require dividing to keep up the bloom. They do need to be planted at the right depth for your area, and the more sun the more blooms. Al

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virginia_w(z3 WI)


If you are going to move your peonies to a sunnier site, be sure to look for the "eyes" (something like an eye of a potato that is starting to sprout.) You should have three or four eyes in every section that you plant and the most important thing is to be sure that the eyes are not more than one inch below the surface of the hole. --You can put a stick over the top of the hole to check for depth. If peonies are planted too deeply they will get foliage but not bloom. Good luck

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