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maifleur01July 24, 2007

I have gotten lists from several sources and have started to put together my wish list for this year. Red Satin is a must and I have already ordered a couple of tree peonies back in March or April. Curious what is on everyones wish lists. Anything new or only available in certain areas?

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Would like to get Fen(g) Dan Bai--locally if I can.

I probably need a replacement for Kao. The Yachiotsubaki that I bought at the same time from the same place has settled in beautifully. Kao's leaves have gradually browned until there is only one spot of green on one leaf. I plan to leave it in place and hope that it has enough reserve in the graft to leaf out again next spring.

Meanwhile, I feel so demoralized that I want a tree peony that has the reputation of being vigorous and easy to grow!

Have some herbaceous peonies coming from Wild. One of them is Sea Shell and Red Charm, I think, plus some others. All are old standards but will be new to me!

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I have peonies at blandy farms, you can contact me privately.

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Hello peony garden, is this the blandy farms and arboretum attached to the University of Virginia? I've read about it and want to see it even more if you have peonies. I tried to contact you through garden web but the e-mail didn't go through. Can you try to e-mail me from your side?

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