Requiring some assistance with an ID.

nmayJuly 10, 2013

Hello all. Hope your gardening season has been going well.

I ran into the beauty while I was visiting my grandma and now I would like to have it in my garden. I'm leaning towards Minnie Shaylor, but as I am new to peonies I thought I would get some of your opinions. The biggest flower was about six inches and the was between two and three feet tall. I would very much appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!

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Another flower.

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Final one.

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I think you are right, it is maybe "Minnie Shaylor"

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That does INDEED look like a Minnie Shaylor! Good eye! The red in the center is a great (unique) indicator!

Thanks for the great photo...We don't sell Minnie Shaylors but have many white semi-doubles...You should check us out at if you are looking for more this Fall!


Here is a link that might be useful: Pure Peonies

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