Can I cut down the foilage?

illinois(z6 S Illinois)August 24, 2005

My peonies are looking pretty beaten up by now and I wondered if I can cut some of it back now or do I need to leave it alone and let die back on it's own? Also the leaves look like something has been dining on it. There are dark spots on what is left of the leaves and I'm not sure how to handle the whole thing, I need some serious help with this poor plant. Thanks in advance for any help.

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I always wait until the leaves are pretty tattered. Before they get that way, they add to the fall garden with the changing colors. But if yours are bad now, go ahead and cut them back. Don't compost them, trash them. The leaves may hold a fungus/disease that could spread.

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blueheron(z6 PA)

I usually leave my peony foliage until October if I can, but this year they are looking pretty bad so I'm going to cut them back in a few days.

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If the volume of leaves are beginning to deteriorate, go ahead cut them back.
They will eventually just go to mush which has to be cleaned up if you wish to avoid pests making nests there and disease organisms from overwintering there.

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