peony with red spots on foliage

lilleyl2005(napa)August 22, 2005

Hi all!

Got a peony for my AP, but since AP's getting on in years, have had to tend to the peony. I have it growing outside where it gets about 6 hours of sun on the east side of the backyard on a raised bed.

The peony was planted with a lantana that essentially started taking over the bed--the peony just sat there. The lantana has been moved, and now that I look at the peony, it's got red spots on leaves that are edged with red. Is it some sort of "rust"? Can I ignore it or do I have to do something about it? Why won't the peony grow? (The peony has been in the yard for about 2 months.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions for ideas.


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valentina(Z5 WI)

I don't know what this disease is, but two years ago, in fall, I dug up a huge peony that was in my yard who knows since when. I made about 12 smaller pieces and replanted them. Last spring, they all had this disease that you describe. I had no idea what it was, so I just ignored it. This spring all the plants came back OK, no disease anymore, just healthy looking foliage. Three of them even flowered.
Sorry if this doesn't help much, but... I don't think it's that serious.

Why isn't it growing? I think it actually is. But slowly. I planted some peonies this spring, so about 4 months ago. I don't think they are taller than 6-8 in. Give them time. Actually, give them years :)


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Lil, it's most likely Cladosporium. Better fall clean-up will help with this problem.

IA Z5a

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TickerToo, So glad to see you back. I haven't seen posts from you for a while. You always have such solid information.


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Maifleur, Thanks! I'm always lurking around somewhere. Do you think we should talk someone into doing a FAQ for this forum? A lot of the same questions keep popping up over and over and it might be helpful if folks had a FAQ for a resource? What do you think? Anybody else???

IA Z5a

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A FAQ would probably help. I am always using the HPS site or some of the other sites I have found.

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