Peony question on boryitis

altoraMA(5/6 MA)August 26, 2004

Well, last year I planted it in the spring. It grew well, had one bud, which promptly turned brown & died. I assume boryitis(?). This year, twice as big, no buds at all. It was not buried too deep, eyes were about 1 inch underground. My friend told me to expose the eyes (this was early spring and still pretty cold) which I did. Could that be why I didn't get buds? Or could it be the boryitis? Can you spray them in the early spring to head off boryitis? Not sure what to do, looks so nice & healthy, not sure what's up with it though. I can't remember the name of it either at the moment.

Thank you!


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jazzmom516(Zone 7 LI, NY)

Peonies should not be moved in the spring if at all possible. The eye buds were formed in the late summer early fall of the previous year. Usually newly planted peonies sleep the first year,creep the second and leap the 3rd year in the ground. By the time the 3rd year comes around they are most likely the way they will look forever after. You can apply fungicides as a preventative. I would avoid overhead watering especially at late evening into night. This sets up for fungal problems to occur. Another thing you can do is mulch the peonies around the stems. If any overhead watering is done, the mulch will prevent fungal spores from being splashed onto the leaves. See the link below for more information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peonies

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Botrytis gives certain signs....a fuzz at the base of the stems and the stems keel over. This suggests the stems damage should be cut away and disposed of by burning or garbaged. It should not be composted.

Young peony have a habit of not giving of may have to wait 2....3....or more years to see anything.
Usually, you might see a flower bud come....but not open.
The second year, a further number of buds....and they may still not open.

Not until the third year are you likely to see a bud that does open....maybe even two, three or more bloom.

Just treat the plant as though it was giving you everything you wished for every year. It will reward you in time.

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