Will these even grow?

rosysunnygirl(6 Mich)August 29, 2007

I'm about to inherit from friends about 50 peony roots from a peony hedge they said they dug up in July (!). While I'm so thankful they've thought of me and want to share their bounty, I'm wondering if these roots will even grow. They've been kept in a dark place without their stems, but have no eyes. Actually, I'm a little worried they're no longer any good and wondering if I should tell them to just toss them...

Anybody have any experience/knowlege about this? I'd appreciate anything you can tell me...

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Peonies have large storage capacity in their potato like roots. I can't imagine there will be no buds next year, even if they cannot be seen now. If you have the room, I would certainly take them and plant them right away. Al

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