None of the peony roots from Lowes and Home Depot grow

Joopster(5 (Chicago))August 10, 2013

Does anybody have any luck with those peony roots sold in bags at Lowes and Home Depot? Am I the only one who's not having any luck. I planted like 10 of them and none grow.

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

Most will grow if treated as what they are, a root, not a plant. Pot them up in one gallon size pots for the season, where you can control their environment. In the fall when they have turned into a plant, with both roots and foliage, they can usually be planted into the garden. If they are still puny keep them in the pot until next spring when grow new stems before planting in the garden. Al

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If you pot them up remember you'll have to give them extra protection if you're in a colder zone, I've always been told even a large pot acts at least 1 zone colder. If you're in a warmer zone and you've planted them so that the eyes are more than an inch deep they won't grow very well. The only other problem I've had is putting them where they stay too damp, need well drained soil.

Don't give up on your big box store bagged peony roots. I know there was a post early this summer, don't remember who it was, but they had planted a large number that they got end of season for very little, thought they were dead, but they came up gangbusters in the spring. Hopefully you'll be that person next spring!

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

I'm in Chicago. I plated those roots in May. I followed the instruction very carefully. I planted all of them in 1 gal pots thinking that I'll be able to put them in the ground in Fall. I haven't got a single leaf. I'm going to try to order some bare roots from online nurseries this fall and see if I'll have better luck with those.

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First - Peony should be planted in the fall only, from root stock

Second - They hate being in pots and will rarely grow well when treated this way

Third - Of course they didn't grow. Buy from a local grower and see the difference...

Here is a link that might be useful: Wholesale Peony Divisions for Growers

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Don't give up on your peony roots yet. Continue to regularly water and do not let the soil completely dry out. In about september, you can take them out of the pots. If there are viable eyes on the roots, then you still have a very good chance that your peonies will grow if you plant them in the ground. However, if your roots are soft or very dried out and have no eyes on them, then I am sorry but they are probably dead.

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I agree with what Kousa said. I also used Calistoga's pot method with small Itoh roots and the pots do work.

Bareroots from a reputable grower planted in the fall are typically a very good bet. There are plenty of very nice, supportive and helpful growers out there, talked to Frank from Peonies Plus today and the Adelmans (think it's Paradise Peony?) have been extremely helpful in the past when I emailed questions to them. Most are very gracious and will give good advice to get a new grower started. If you want recommendations most of the members here will tell you who they've had good service from in the past.

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

Thanks guy. I just ordered some Sorbert peony bareroots from Michigan Bulb and debating if I should order more some some other places. Although I have a huge yard, 75% of it is shaded. I love peony but was told that hydrangea would strive better in my yard especially toward the back around the 2 huge pine trees.

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I have a couple of peonies under massive pines, they get mostly afternoon sun and do okay, better than hostas under pines!! Peonies don't need or want too damp of a spot so the drier part shade works much better than wet part shade. Your plants probably will be a bit taller and not as full, though. I'm not sure about hydrangeas in that spot, mine require a lot more water than I can get consistently under pines. The only things that seem to not care at all is daylilies!

MB does stand behind their plants, if yours don't come back in the spring call them--they'll certainly replace them. Same with Springhill, they're having a sale on Kirinmaru peony right now, with keycode 0442569 they're $19.95 each. I'm tempted but have ordered far too many already! It sure is pretty, though! Google it and see what you think.

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Don't give up!!! I bought 2 bags of (5 ea.) peonies on sale at Walmart last October --- on sale for $1.00 per bag. They were totally dried up looking but Walmart needed the space for Christmas decorations.

Only two little roots came up within a week or two and I figured the rest were dead. Well, this spring all came up --- very tiny but alive. Now all ten plants are looking just fine. I am still amazed.

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

I pulled them out of the starter pot and one of them have bud with 2 hairline roots. I'd planted in the ground. We'll find out next spring I suppose.

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With proper care you can plant peonies anytime.
I do not buy bareroot anymore. Once burned twice shy. Each single one I bought cheap was virussed. So only in pots and with leaves for me, then I can see what I'm getting.

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Nancy zone 6

I've bought some of those clearanced plants before, they didn't come up that year, but showed up the next. Apparently peonies are very determined plants, so I wouldn't give up on them for a while. I planted mine directly in the ground, no special attention, probably would have done better if I had planted in a pot first, but then, I tend to overwater potted plants & get rot.

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I have bought probably 50 peonies as you describe, with about 85% positive results. The first step is making sure there is some sign of active life in the clump you are buying, otherwise you will have 0% results.. I usually keep them in pots, to monitor progress, protect, and watch for disease. Then when I am comfortable, into the ground they grow.

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I actually bought about 30 plants this year. After the prime season,, I got some that were about a foot tall for about $4 to $6 each. I alternated pink and white across part of my yard. They are growing fairly well with the exception of two that the deer have torn up pretty bad. I was under the assumption that the deer typically do not like them, but the deer here eat almost anything. I wonder if the Home Depots near your home sell them in this size?

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