Help combining peonies!

RenataM(5)August 22, 2012

Hi! I am about to plant a bed of peonies in front of some Cherokee Brave flowering dogwoods (under them I have Anabelle hydrangeas and hostas). I have room for 5 and would like to extend the flowering season. I am considering planting Sarah Bernhardt, Mons Jules Elie, and Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt for pink ones but I am undecided on the darker ones. Possibilities: Kansas, Karl Rosenfield, Buckeye Belle, Mahogany, Scarlett O'Hare or Nippon Beauty? I will have some Caesar's Brother irises, Stargazer lillies, delphinums and a red heart rose of sharon in the same bed with the peonies. Any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate any help. :)

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I know it's been quite a while since you asked your question. But here's one suggestion for you:

I love the color and later bloom of peony Paul M. Wild. You can check it out on google images, though the color isn't well represented there. It's like a lovely, dark red wine.

Hope this helps!

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