How to propagate peony by root cutting?

lu_gpAugust 13, 2008

Hi,I'm new here and wanna find some info about root cutting of paeonia.While division is most used in the propagating of that plant,I am wondering whether "root cutting" will also get a high rate of survive.How and when to operate?

Looking forward to your help!Thanx!

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I have never had much luck with peony root cuttings. When you dig and divide a large peony root several root sections often break off. I have tried to start them as the bulbous root is storing a lot of energy, but have not been able to start them growing. Al

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Er¡­I've known it's quite difficult,anyhow,Thank you!However,there is another question:
Have you ever tried to use any plant hormone such as NAA or IBA to deal with the root segments before root cuttings?

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No I have not used hormone on peony roots. Next time the occasion arises I will try Mycorrhizal fungi which may help the roots to grow, but I think the real problem is a lack of adventitious buds. Al

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Aha¡­VAM!Maybe it's a good idea!Wish U luck first!
Several weeks ago I also learnt a little about tree peony's AM which help two-year seedlings root well.
By the way ,has mycorrhizal fungi of peony already been abstracted? Or,U just plan to use some ordinary fungal fertilizer?
And are U a student or researcher of peony studies?

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On rare occasions where I believe it may help a root system take up nutrients and enhance the growth of feeder roots, I will use a Mycorrhizal inoculation on the bare roots as they are planted, not specifically on any type plant. There are hundreds of different Mycorrhizal fungi and their use is a gamble which will do no harm but also may do no good. Al

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