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Ecataldo58August 3, 2014

Planted a bare root Itoh peony (correctly)) this April-2014 and the first Maroon color leaves came up around late May. The leaves eventually took to a dark green shade and stood about 4" above ground level and that's where we are today still. Just one shoot with 5 leaves came up . The leaves were firm and everything looked good. It is now 8/3/14 and the same 5 leaves are starting to curl a bit and the shade is changing at the tips to a different shade (light green) and the leaves are not as stiff as earlier. I watered it regularly (not too much) and we have had some good summer rain. This is the first time trying to grow this bush and I am at a loss what to do next? All my other garden flowers are doing great. The soil is fine and the spot that I planted it gets a lot of sun. I have heard that it is much better to plant a bare root Itoh Peony in the fall (for better success) and I am willing to try it again if needed in another spot. Any opinions as to starting again with a NEW bare root (this fall) or how can I save this one or can it be saved ? What am I doing wrong or is everything okay and just wait till next year for better results? Will be grateful for any and all suggestions.

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It really isn't unusual to not get a lot of growth on any spring planted peony in that same year. Definitely don't give up hope, it should be just fine. I plant a lot of peonies in the spring and normally get those same results, it'll grow much, much better next spring!

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Thank You for your response and words of encouragement . The success of this bush means a lot to me for I planted this for my wife who loves Itoh Peonies. Right now, she is going through some very difficult times and I want this to be successful for her. If I may ask you - since there are only 5 leaves which are no taller than 4" in height, do I cut them before the winter sets in or do I leave them alone till spring 2015? Your response is warmly appreciated.

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As your weather cools the stems and leaves will brown, will sometimes do it even earlier when they're spring planted that same year. You can cut them back then. If you're in a damp climate and you see any mildew it's fine to cut them back earlier. I hope they do well and you get some blooms next year, Itohs are beautiful flowers and your wife will love them! Which one did you get?

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We picked out Itoh Bartzella . My wife lives yellow flowers . Question - how low to the ground do I cut the leaves ? Ground level so NO leaf shows ?
Thank you Miyako and Ed

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