Bone meal planting question?

Talisman777August 28, 2012

Hi, I am new to this forum. We have just bought this house in central NY state and it has an old peony bed at least 110 years old, with many of the peonies missing in areas. I have purchased new bare root peonies to fill in these bare spots when they arrive in the fall.

I have raked in top soil and composted manure in an attempt to revitilize the soil of the old bed for now and will fertilize in the spring when the new growth comes up.

My question is if it would help or hinder the new plantings if I mixed in a cup of bone meal directly with the soil that will fill in around the new peony root. I also plan on mixing bone meal and composted manure in the bottom of the planting hole as well.

Thank in advance, Bob...

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I never put anything in the hole except the plant. I prefer the roots to want to grow out into the native soil, instead of remaining in an overly rich planting hole. If this is new property, for you, I might have a lab check the soil to see if it needs anything more than vegetative matter in the form of finished compost, well dug in. Anything added to the soil, I would want to amend, at least a four by four foot area. Al

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