White mildew on peony, Is it safe to cut them back now?

Joopster(5 (Chicago))August 16, 2013

I recently purchased 10 peonies that were all marked down because of white mildew. I took them home and keep it separated from all my current ones, hoping that that I will cut it at the end of September then plant them. well the mildew got worse and I'm debating if I should just cut them now. I'm in Chicago suburb 5a zone (6 according to the new map). If I cut them now would it be ok?

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I've never had problems with mildew so hopefully someone with experience will pipe in! I guess our "high desert" climate does have some advantages...I'd think it'd be better to cut back the foliage to just a few inches rather than risk losing the entire plant, though. We're really only a couple of weeks before the traditional "best" period for dividing/transplanting peonies, anyway.

Let us know how they do....

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I've read about people mowing down their peonies at the first sign of browning from dieback, so their gardens would stay looking nice. That would occur about now. Their peonies would grow back healthy the next year. I've never done it myself.

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Joopster(5 (Chicago))

I'm going to cut them down this weekend. The only one with no mildew is the Bartzilla. That one I'll wait till end of September.

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Nancy zone 6

We've had lots of rain here this summer, I've never had mildew on peonies before like this. I cut mine back to the ground, I figured they aren't doing anything anyway. One was so bad I cut it back last month

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