Tell me which peonies I want...

newbee5(z5)August 17, 2012


I am interested in the type of peonies that have several flower petals, and tend to stay tightly wound and round as they open up. Kind of like a cabbage...

I'm not sure if there are certain varieties that I prefer, or if this is more of an issue of timing, and the stage of bloom they are in.

If you have some ideas, please post. Thank you.

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you are probably looking for a "Bomb" type peony. They are packed full of petals and one of my fvoirtes. Good luck.

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I like the Heartland Peony Society website. They have a bloom time calendar (they call it bloom sequence)and pictures of lots of cultivars.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heartland Peony Society

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You can't go wrong with bartzella. It's one of the most popular and common ones out there, but it's a very reliable grower with large yellow blooms.

It is currently all over eBay.

Here is a link that might be useful: eBay posts

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