new areca palm problem

jardinerowaApril 4, 2013

Hello all,

I am just south of San Diego and recently got an Areca palm for outside near the entry. It looked beautiful when I first got it and now it's going down hill.
I've been watering it well, I sprinkled slow-release fertilizer with micros.
The problem I think is that I put it into a big pot with soil I purchased from guy selling dirt in a pick up truck. I wasn't thinking and purchased it and it has a lot of non-broken-down plant material which I know is bad as it can rob nitrogen.
The pictures aren't that great but I don't know if you can if it's a nutrient deficiency, or damage from cold. I don't think it's damage from cold because it never got below 40 degrees when I first got it and now we never dip below 50s at night. Can that low still cause "damage"?
If it doesn't seem to get better, I'm gonna have to get some palm and cactus mix and replant it and hopefully coming into summer it will improve.


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Here's another picture

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orchiddude(+7b ALabama)

Looks like the leaves are burned. Give it time and water good and it will be fine. Watch the leaves and see what they do. It might get worse before it gets better.

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Thanks for the reply. Burned from sun or fertilizer? It has never ever been in direct sun so I know it's not that and I did fertilize once it settled in but I use less than the recommended rate.

I did read about fluoride toxicity and am wondering if that could be it. I had been watering with tap water. Although since about two weeks ago I switched to reverse osmosis water for it. Hopefully it will get better.

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