Wonderful gift!

washit3August 19, 2011

I had a wonderful gift waiting at my front door when I got home from work yesterday. I have always admired a friends tree peony. When she decided to redo her yard she dug it up and left it at my front door! It is really hot and dry right now. Average temp 95 day and 65 night. Is there anything I can do to help when planting? I know this is not the right time of year, and I really want this to survive. Thanks

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If it came with a reasonable root with the soil still attached you should be successful. Give it some shade for a few weeks and keep the roots moist. I moved one two years ago mid summer and it bloomed better the next spring than it had before the move. You don't want he roots to move in the soil, for this summer, depending on the amount of foliage, you may need to stake it. Al

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AL, Thanks so much! I hope it will survive the winter and bloom next year.

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