Tree peony newby question

rosefollyAugust 21, 2007

This spring I planted a beautiful tree peony 'Koukamon' in a site with full sun, good soil, and regular water. Slowly over the summer some of the leaves have been browning, a light, tan, dry-looking brown. I am thinking the full sun might be too intense for it. Should I move it to a partially shaded position this fall?


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We also planted two tps this spring; they are doing quite well at base of a west-facing wall, protected from pm sun.
About a dozen tp seedlings were also planted at base of a west-facing wall; most of these have scorched leaves, and haven't grown much.

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Full sun for most of us is too much for tree peonies. Mine do very well protected from the west sun. Al

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My reply above should read EAST-facing wall, hence sheltered from afternoon sun.
Sorry for mixup in my directions!

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Thanks for the responses. I have moved the tree peony to an east-facing wall, and will hope for it to recover. It still has a few leaves that have not crisped.


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