powdery mildew on peonies

teabag43August 12, 2007

Last year one of my peonies was covered in powdery mildew. I cut it back to the ground and removed all the dead leaves. It has come back this year. Now this year my very large plant in a sunny location at the other end of the yard is covered with the stuff. I have frantically sprayed it with a multi garden fungicide/insecticide. It is in a dry sunny location. The other plant which has been doing quite well in a shaded location at the other end of the yard is also showing signs of infection to a much lesser degree. There is no cross contamination as we haven't even touched these plants for a couple of months. What is with the peonies. Haven't had this problem up until last year. My hand is sore from spraying from the hand held sprayer. Is there any spray designed specifically for this type of infection that my husband can use in our fruit sprayer? My large plant is a beauty and I would hate to lose it. Help!!

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Unless your plant is a tree peony it will be going dormant in a couple of months and you should cut off the foliage so don't frete. Powdery mildew is a natural it lives on all of the surfaces you have around you.

Look at your plants and see if they are too close to other plants. Peonies do get powdery mildew but good air circulation will help. do a search on this group for mildew one of the suggested treatments was diluted milk.

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Powdery mildew when first noticed is best treated with a good coverage spray of horticultural oil (ultrafine paraffin based oil) or neem oil. At the end of the season when the foliage is cut down I spray the ground at any peonies that showed any sign of disease with Bordeaux Mix. Al

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daisy_ny6(z6 NY)

Although it's unattractive, it really doesn't seem to hurt the peonies (or lilacs for that matter) as they always come back just as strong the next year for me.

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