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deuce813April 15, 2010

well, after this past winter, I discovered that a mature triple christmas palm would not suited for this area. It's now time to replace it with a cold hardy species. I chose the phoenix sylvestris, and got what i think to be an incredible deal from a guy in ft. myers who has a field of 1000 plants, at an unbelievable price, $50 per ft. of clear trunk, and an extra 25 ft. for the diamond cut. It was a hour and half drive for me each way, but well worth it. The lowest price I found around here was 175 ft. Excuse all the other plants,as i'm in the middle of redoing my landscape

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Very nice! Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the rest of your landscape also! The florida freeze is really getting people to plant hardier species (just like back during the last bad freeze), but since you are in florida, there are still countless other nice tropical style plants to chose from!

Good luck!

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Nice palm! It should do well there. My brother has one in Spring Hill and it's doing very nicely.
I have to tell you thoughI'd definitely lose the scalloped cement blocks. So 70's and tacky. In my opinion they make the landscape look cheap. Just my two cents.

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Looks very good nice and healthy.

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i've got the decorative curbing being done on may 5th.its a work in progress.any suggestions on shrubs for around the tree

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

Not being able to see the shape and size of your yard, this is just a guess. I'd try to include the palm in a large, curving bed that starts from the corner of your house (when that curbing you mentioned is installed). I think I'd use something low right around the palm itself.........more like a groundcover so that you don't hide that gorgeous trunk! You could use some medium shrubs elsewhere in the planting bed, to compliment but not hide the palm.

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Great looking palm!
I am sure it will be happy in it's new home!

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The palm looks nice i see a Robelini and a cordyline in the back ground. the Cordyline looks really good when it gets to tree size

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Beautiful Palm!!!

Laura in VB

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crinums are also nice especially the "queen emma' one that has red leaves. Plumerias are great if you are looking for a nice tree. Philodendrons are really nice too. The tree philodendron is a nice shrub, and there are others that would look really nice climbing up the trunk of a palm. cordylines would look good too. Some such as hawaiian ti plants are sensitive to a frost, but are worth protecting because they have so many colors and there are others such as cordyline australius (spelling?) which is sometimes called the cabbage tree (not to be confused with sabal palmetto or cabbage palm). They come in reddish or purple colors too and can handle temps around 20 degrees (the green one can handle down to 15F). Sago palms might look really nice too because they have a similar leaf form to date palms.

Good luck!

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Well done and a great selection. Phoenix sylvestris is a very nice palm and sounds like you got a smokin' deal too!

Cheers, las_palmas_norte.

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thanks for all the responses and suggestions. Still not sure what I'm going to plant around it, but will def keep everyone updated. I did score a Toro 14 light low voltage kit unopened on craigslist for 70 bucks, so i thought it was a good deal. I look forward to seeing the palm lit up by some of the flood lights it came with at night. I may do the area around the palm with some ground cover, possible some jasmin minima, i think is what its called.Keep the suggestions coming.

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major update: I've been very busy lately, so i haven't gotten everything done yet, but I have accomplished some stuff. check it out

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and here's one more. Close up of the phoenix sylvestris palm.

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Thanks again for all the input and suggestions. More input is always helpful.

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Looks great so far! Are those flowering plants ixoras? As for adding something plumeria pudica would do well and unlike most other plumerias, it retains most of its leaves even in the winter. Its somewhat cold tolerant but will need protection if anything lower than 32F occurs (and it will lose its leaves in a frost).
Or you can always try some bananas. Ae ae is probably one of my favorates but unfortunately its not very cold tolerant and is very very expensive (small plants a year in age and 3 feet tall usually go for 100 maybe up to 200 dollars). Ice cream bananas are pretty cold tolerant (will brown in a freeze but can come up from the low 20s and maybe teens). The the ice cream banana (which is also reffered to as blue java) has fruit that is suppose to have a slight vanilla taste to it. If you really wanted a hardy banana than musa basjoo is your choice. That would survive a tampa winter even during the ice age! Cold tolerant to below 0F especially when established, but not planted in central florida because it doesnt make edible fruit so I dont think this is the banana for you.

Also ti plants and hibiscus are good options but not fans of a frost. I hear that screw pines were only slightly damaged in the Orlando area which has very similar temps to Tampa so thats another plant worth trying.

Whatever you decide to plant there, Im sure it will look great!
Good luck!

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