Dividing Peonies HELP!

greenlydiaAugust 11, 2007

I live about 40 miles north of Seattle and am new to dividing peonies. How and when do I do this? I have no idea what kind of peonies I have........they are big and pink and sorta ruffled and bloomed like crazy, but they have been in the same place for a number of years now and are looking a bit squished to me and I'd like more without having to pay the outrageous price they want for them. If you send me instructions, please make them very detailed and don't assume I know up from down. Much thanks in advance for your advice!


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I would wait until fall when the weather cools and the peony slides into dormancy. It is better to dig up the whole plant, hose all the soil away so you can see the twisted roots and the emerging buds for next years growth. If you want the divisions to bloom next year, you should at least have 3 to 5 buds with each division and as much of the bulbous roots as possible. Plant them right away where you want them for the next 5 to 10 years being careful to not plant too deep. If you don't want them all, pot them up in pots big enough to allow for abundant root growth. Whenever I replant peonies I take that opportunity to dig a lot of finished compost into the area down to about 2 feet before planting. Al

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