bark pealing on dogwood

alinehuey(z5 PA)January 4, 2006

I just noticed a large piece of bark has fallen off of my small dogwood tree. I looked closer and there seems to be a dark smutty residue under the bark that I can peal away to healthy bark. I am wondering if I clean it all back to healthy and scrape away the "smut" should I spray with an anti fungal or use a little bleach water to scrub the smut away?I use organic methods.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Avoid using anything on your tree until you have a proper identification of the problem. Is there anyway you could post a picture of the peeling bark problem?

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alinehuey(z5 PA)

I wish I was savy enough to send a picture.
There is some healthy regrowth under the pealing bark. How about I just clean it up good with a scub brush to remove the litter.
I had an injury to a maple several years ago. Found a lot of bugs underneath and scraped out the dead stuff and it has recoved nicely. I did not see any bugs just the black smutty stuff.
How about some insecticidal soap spray or some soapy water with a scrub brush?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Try not to rip or damage the bark too much in your cleanup efforts. Plant bark works like our human skin, keeping the bad stuff out and the good stuff in! I would avoid the insecticidal soap in favor of a mild soap, perhaps Murphy's Oil soap? Without being able to see your problem, I just can't be more helpful than that. And I think it's better to err on the conservative side when the identification is in question.

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botanybob(Northern Idaho)

I don't think any soap is a good idea. This is most useful on small, soft-bodied insects -- things like aphids, whiteflies or spider mites. Clearly that is not what caused this damage. Most likely the loose bark is from some physical injury that happened in the past, perhaps from a lawn mower or string trimmer. Without a picture, it is hard to know how severe or deep the injury is. An infectious disease is another possibility. If you are unable to post a picture, I would suggest getting help locally, either from your county extension office, local nursery, or an arborist.

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alinehuey(z5 PA)

There is no mower or trimmer damage because it mulched in a garden.
The tree is not large. I can put both hands around the trunk and touch fingers and thumb and the tree is no more than twelve feet tall. I pealed the bark away that came loose easily. there apears to be new growth but the area of bark removed is about three inches wide and extends about 24 inches up the trunk. There was black smutty "stuff" under the bark that came off easily. If I loose the tree I loose it, I guess. I will watch to see if it gets worse.
I heard that there was some kind of disease killing dogwoods in our area of Pa. but do not know anything about it. do you know what that could be?
Thanks Aline

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alinehuey(z5 PA)

thank you Newt.
It looks like the canker. Nice pictures at those sites you sent me.The tree is full of buds and seems healthy otherwise.

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I noticed both of my dogwoods have bark that is shedding from the trunk. The tree looks beautiful but don't know if I should be worried. Is this normal?

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