Late blooming

tkiemoAugust 11, 2009

Had somthing interseting happen to one of my tree peonies.

I have about 10 of them and most years they never get much bigger than 4 feet. This year one of them had a branch that went up about seven feet and I just had a bloom on it. Wondering if this has happened to others?

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There are some that rebloom. Mostly the ones that are yellow or the Japanese ones labeled as rebloomers.

The reports I have heard mostly from Maine about rebloom have mentioned the branch that bloomed was much taller than the rest of the plant. You may find that this branch will die during the winter.

Peony Man had a misshapened bloom on Tria late this summer.

Do you know what the name is?

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I believe the name is Kinkaku and it is a yellow one. I figured it would die back, but it was interesting.

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