transplanting early, cutting back foliage

vmarcos68(8A)August 13, 2007

I purchased two large clusters of peonies from a moving sale that I dug up myself. The pink cluster came out in two groups with plenty of soil surrounding the roots. The red cluster had the soil fall off. After re planting and watering, the foliage looks ok considering did not get replanted until later in the day. The stems are sideways though still. Is there extra stress incurred to the plant if the leaves are left on at this point?

Any suggestions?

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Are these planted in a temporary location to be dug and divided in the fall? If that is the case I would not worry about how they are planted. Al

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Can you provide more information? They are permanently planted. The cluster got divided when transplanting since too huge to lift. I added sand and composted chicken manure over top for drainage.

The stems are leaning back right now,but the foliage only seems wilted where there was wind blowing on them in the truck. (I tied the stems together for protection when they were lying down sideways in the truck).

I was thinking of cutting off the wilted stems and shorten the existing foliage to help reduce the transplant shock.

Any recommendations for this other scenario?

Also curious what might happen if I cut them to the ground right now considering that its already starting to get chilly at night.

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Nancy zone 6

Your zone is completely different from mine, but here the foliage on peonies is getting really bad looking right now. I have always been told to divide in August. That has never made since to me, because it is so hot & dry in August, but it works well for me. At least I have always gotten bloom the following spring. We have at least 2 more months before a hard freeze. I would go ahead & cut back the foliage, at least that which is wilted. If it is getting cool at night, I see no problem with cutting them back to the ground. Peonies are really quite hardy. You probably already know not to cover them with too much soil/compost

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