How much are these big palms worth?

butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)April 23, 2011

I took these pictures of some 10 to 20ft palms for sale.I wanted to get some opinions on how much some of you think these palms or worth.All of them or Sabal Palmettos but two,one is a B.capitata,and the other one is a T.fortunei.The price he quotes is for the palm plus installation.He said he digs a hole 5ft squared by 2ft deep and amends the soil with a special blend he came up with.I tried to find out what the mix is,but he wont tell.He also sells the mix separately.I would appreciate anyone's opinion.


Here's one pictures of the palms in front of his building,the fence behind them is 6ft tall for scale.

Here's some pictures of the best looking S.palmettos in back of his building.I used my big cup for scale.I put my cup on the one's I like the best.

This one is about 12ft tall but it had the fattest trunk.

He has one T.fortunei,it has 6ft of Trunk.

Here's my favorite one of all.Big B.capitata.

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I think about 400 would be a good price for the big butia and about 300-500 would be a good price for the large sabals. About 500 is good for the trachy. I could definitely see them all as as a bit more expensive than that though since they look nice and healthy. It depends on supply and demand!

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Randy, have no idea on pricing of the larger palms for sale but from what i understand with the palm explosion in landscaping, you have to come with a fat wallet!!!

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Randy, i know i've mentioned this before but raising your palms either from seedlings or from small containers, you get to watch your babies grow into adult hood, whereas the larger palms are done by some other source, just my opinion though!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

You must have been shopping around for palms,you almost nailed it on the prices.Except for the Pindo.I think he wants way to much for it,$900 installed.He said they was hard to find for sale that big,even for him.He told me not to tell how much he would sale me one far but regular price for the 20ft sabals is $600 installed.I've known him since he first started up his business and he knows I know where he gets them and how much he pays for them.I don't think pictures do those sabals justice,there humongous!!!Some of them are very fat,with huge root-balls.Oh,the fortunei is about $400 installed.

I agree with you on growing them from the get-go.That way you get to see all the changes they go through.I'm growing about 50 S.palmettos already,there 2yr old seedlings.There also more cold hardy if grown from small plants or seedlings in there permanent spot.I just want to see a couple big palms in my yard with a full head of fronds before I'm 80rs old,LOL.I cant beat the prices either.

Thanks guys,I just wanted someone else's opinion.

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The sabals I have bought that size are S125 any hight each hurricane cut and balled. The pindo I have one the exact same size I bought for $300. I bought 2 trachys that size paid 300 each. I bought my trachys in Mobile I can give you the guys number if you want.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the offer,do those prices include installation also?I could plant that size T.fortunei by myself.I tried to see if I could budge one of those palmettos with no luck.I couldn't imagine trying to plant one of those with even two other men.Heck yea,give me the number I'll call him.Is he the one that also has the big Butias and Palmettos you mentioned?It's good to here from you again mike.I would love to have a big Butia again.I lost mine last winter :( .I grew it from a five gallon size.I had it for 11yrs,it was about the same size as the one in the picture.Thanks again mike.

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Happy easter randy and everyone else.

I got my sabals from florida. Bob does have pindos and sabals also. The sabals where very easy to plant I measure the the depth of the root ball then dug the hole that deep. I fill the base of the whole with soil and rolled the sabals like a log to the hole I just dug and since there bottom heavy it almost stood right up. I used 2x4's to straighten it out filled the hole up with water and soil. I just invite a friend or two over givem a few beers and there trapped into helping me lol.

Bob Bateman

9070 Scott Dairy Loop S
Mobile, Alabama 36695

(251) 633-3400 Office
(251) 605-0116 Cell

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Happy Easter to you and your family also mike,and to everyone else on this forum.

Thanks for the info.I don't drink anymore,but we could have one of my monthly barbecues,we invite everyone in the neighborhood.Everybody brings something to eat,we have a good time,and it's a great way to get to know everybody.We do this about once a month during summer.It's been warm enough to have one already.I'll call him Monday,thanks again Mike.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hi Randy,

I might be inclined to shop around for a better price. Like Dixieboy said, growing them from smaller sizes increases hardiness -something needed in your zone. Also, are you being sold too much palm(like buying too much car), sure they are huge, but huge may not be ideal if its too high up into cold winds. A bad winter you be a problem for roots just getting going. Just my thoughts. Also saving your hard earned money for a better deal will have a big pay-off. I thought the thiickness of the truncks looked a little like washys - I could be wrong.

Well, did you break down and buy one?

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Hey Greg,
I haven't bought any big palms yet.After all these storms that has gone through the metro Atlanta area in the last few days.I don't really want a palm that can get 50ft plus near my house.I did buy five 3gal.palms,and I'm thinking of getting a few more.Mike gave me a number of a nursery in Mobil where you can get them a lot cheaper.There's so many big trees around that fell during the storms and took out power lines and houses,a lot of places look like war zones.I don't have but one big tree in the very back corner of my yard,a 200yr old Red oak.I might get two Sabal minor Cape Hatteras palmettos or two S.Louisiana palms or two S.Brazoria palms,at least they wont get so big that they will look like 2 telephone poles in my front yard.Maybe when I get around to my back yard,I might get two 10ft S.palmettos.I like to keep my landscaping in scale with my house.I wouldn't pay $900 for a 12ft Pindo anyhow,that's ridiculous for a palm that size.See he only pays $65 a piece for those 20ft S.palmettos.When I was talking with him about palms,which he knows very little about.He told me your the palm fanatic,I don't grow them I just plant them.It seems like everyone is having those 20ft S.palmettos planted in there yard around here.I would rather have more rare palms than what everybody else has.A very nice man gave me a 7gal. S.Birmingham about three weeks ago.Now I just have to figure out what other Sabal palms I want in my front yard.I'll do my back yard next year.How is you Pindo doing,did it start growing?

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I brought this post back because we were driving by the fruit stand today that's selling the big palms.I cant tell he has sold any.I was wondering if people would pay what he wants for them.I got my answer.I told him I would pay him $200 for the fortunei,and I could plant it myself.That way he wouldn't be out any money planting the palm.He said there was no way he could sell that palm at that price.He said he paid more than that for it.I told him he got ripped off.I don't know what to think about people like him that think they can get rich off selling palm trees.That's just bad business,and it hurts the trade for everybody else.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

Hi Randy...

I agree with you ..way to can find a better price...

Especially being so far South...

Keep checking...

I do like the look of those fat trunks!!!

Love the natural look...i have a few of the ones that have the cut fronds down to the ground...

Has he been selling many of them at that price...?

Keep us posted...

I do agree with you....i do like to have the large ones planted...although DixeBoy has a great point...the ones from seed are so special..

But if I wait..I'll be pushing daisies!!! LOL...

Life's to short...enjoy...if they make you happy...


Take care everyone...

Laura in VB

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