is this a disease (pic)?

azzzAugust 18, 2007

these are sarah bernhardt and felix crousse. From when they broke ground to now, the leaves are still red. This is the 2nd year and it was not like this last year.

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Just a guess, but I do not think any disease is the cause. I would look into the soil mix used and the culture, such as the amount of sun and any chemicals used to fertilize. Both of these species are in my garden and the foliage is typical green of herbaceous peonies. Al

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I dont know why it's like this. Last year they were green and i've not done anything to the soil. They have also been getting full sun and are in the same location as last year. Any other ideas of what could be happening?

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As these are in pots no doubt in a soiless mix of some type. Presumably for two years. Have you been feeding them? Any container plant is dependent on being fed as no nutrients will last long with the water flushing them through. If you plant them in good soil in the garden, I think the problem will go away. If they are to remain as pot plants I would scratch in a balanced fertilizer. Al

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Well, thanks for the replies. At least now i am sure that they are not diseased.

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