What is the best Pot size?

caghanJanuary 20, 2006

Hi Chilli lovers,

I am growing Habs and Jals this year in 25cm pots, considering growing caynes and others next year.

I like growing them in pots as I don't like weeding he he.

I was wondering if 25cm pots are sufficient to get maximum results out of my chillies? If not what is the maximum size required?

Thanks, In advanced

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sounds fine, although some habs are made for potting (peach from SSE comes to mind)

I grow mostly in pots, but I dont know the inches offhand, I go by gallons. I have a bunch of 1 gallon pots for transitory storage of plants, and some 5 and 6 gallon pots for production.

dont give growing in pots a second thought.

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pepperhead212(6b / S Jersey)

I have found that most peppers do well in 3 gal pots, with no sign of being rootbound my the end of the season, and smaller ones do well in 2 gal pots. The largest ones - habs, some frutescens, or other 4 footers - I put in 4 gal pots, and, again, no sign of being rootbound; though in 3 gal pots these grow and produce well, they are very solid when removed from the pots, which is what prompted me to put them in larger pots. It seems almost like 1 gal/ft of height is a good guage, though some are much bushier, so this is just something to start with.


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honu(z11 HI)

Just to give an idea, 6 gallons is approx 1 ft diameter (about 30 cm), and about 1 ft deep pot. I plan to put my most of my peppers in this size pot, except I understand the white hab will want much bigger (if mine ever sprouts).

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byron(4a/5b NH)

The yeild will be higher in 5 to 7 gal pots.

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I grow all of mine in pots. Most in 12", some in 10", and a few in 14". Usually I use the largest pots for those baccatums that get very tall as it is easier to support them in larger pots.I too have not had a problem with plants becoming pot bound.


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mister_al(zone 7)

I agree with Byron that 5-7 gallon pots should be used for the ones you grow for production. Ornamentals can be put in small 1-2 gallon pots or smaller.

I've grown some peppers in small (1-3 gal) pots that were healthy, and fairly productive, but I really had to work hard to keep them watered (and fed), and the production was less per plant than the ones I grew in the larger pots.


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