good sources in canada

muspic(5aOntario)August 8, 2013

am looking especially for a yellow peony (especially tree) but of course would love to see others that might be tempting .
I have big area that I have just cleaned up that is calling for the beauty of peonies. lol

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I just ordered from several nurseries this year. The biggest roots were from Parkland Perennials, Ferncliff and Pivoinerie d'Aoust. I also ordered from Peonies From The Field, Ferncliffe Nursery and Select Lilacs Nursery. Adelman was an international order. Although some roots were way smaller than expected, I was all impressed by their selections.

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I posted pics of the roots I received from D'Aoust, Les Jardins Osiris, and Boreal Farms. Check the link below, muspic. Nette, if you happen to have taken pics of yours, feel free to add them to the photo gallery. I'd be interested to know how the others compared.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peonies roots received this fall - 2013

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Sandalwood(z4b N.B. Canada)

I can second Parkland, they are amazing. Lindsay at D'Aoust is excellent and always gives a little bonus. Her new website is easier to use. Ferncliff send wonderful plants but rarely have anything new, I would like to order from them but I have all the ones that I like.

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I wanted to place an order with Parkland Perenials after I found out that it carries Donald Smith's Impossible Dream Itoh but it was too late. The owner wrote that he ships to the US at the end of Sept so that the packages go to customs at the same time. I will have to wait until next year to buy this beautiful itoh. This is his picture of it.

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Kousa, you are determined. I do hope you get that lovely plant.

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pwin, I should not as my DH has constantly reminded me that I have more than enough. But look at the color of this flower, it is just spectacular. I do not have any peonies whose color is anything close to this and I guess that is why i want it so bad. :)

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This is the Impossible Dream from Parkland Perennials to give you an idea how it may look like.

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Nette 10, I am soooooo envious of you! I never thought I would be jealous of a Canadian (due to the cold cold weather you guys have to put up with), but I am absolutely jealous of you guys now. Look at those big eyes on the root. I can just envision the blooms popping out of them come this spring. Please post photos of them if you get some. I can't wait. I hope they will be the color of the beautiful lavender pink that I saw on pictures on his website. Very nice, Nette 10. I am really excited to find out how it does for you. Karen

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Hi Kelly! I completely share your enthusiasm for this plant! I planned better this year with my orders (I keep a journal, nerd that I am) and was able to follow thorough with this order. I have about 50 Itohs and another 40 more herbaceous. I document a lot of my purchases and from Peony shows and upload them on my Instagram account. It's really quite a calming hobby of mine...I need it with two young kids! I will post picts if and when they bloom! How's your collection?

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Yet another one to add to my "want it!" list for next year....

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