I just had my fence blow down on top of my garden!

piscesfish(6)June 20, 2011

The storms blew through Guthrie. We got a lot of hail and rain and I decided to go out and see if the garden was destroyed. The tomatoes are fine, but part of my fence fell down on top of my squash garden. I think its okay, but I'll just have to see tomorrow. The fence will have to get repaired. When things like this happen, I'm glad I'm a renter.


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So sorry, Kelly. I'm hoping that the fence didn't sever your squash plants & maybe it even protected them from the hail. :o) Let us know.

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Oh no! I hope your plants are okay. From experience with that nasty little storm last week, even if they're broken up, as Dawn said, just cut off the broken bits. Even if it's just a little stump left, it'll grow back. Ours did. With a vengeance! lol

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Kelly, What rotten luck! I hope the plants aren't too badly damaged.

All that blew down here was the corn....for the second day in a row. (sigh) At least the raccoons may have to work harder to steal the ears since the plants are laying every which way. I'll probably try to straighten them up tomorrow, but some are snapped in half and others are broken off at the ground, so I don't know if it is trying to straighten up the unbroken ones or not.

We had wind gusts into the 60, although our Mesonet station doesn't reflect this because the high winds missed the western part of the county. I have broken tree limbs too but they aren't in the garden lying on top of plants. In town, folks had power lines down, transformers arcing and sparking and trees down. What a year.

TairaKL, Hooray for the plants growing back!


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Sorry to hear about your garden Kelly! Hopefully it's okay under there.

The storms missed us almost entirely, which I suppose is good news for everyone in Norman. I would have liked more than the 0.01" of rain we got, but oh well. At least it has gone from blazing hot to uncomfortably hot thanks to the cold front.

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How is our garden? I hope fence might have provided some protection under there. Take care -Chandra

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Sorry about the garden and I hope you don't have much damage. They were predicting high winds and large hail for us, but the core of the storm seemed to get wider and less intense as it got close to us and it also seemed to change directions a little. I took the dog outside and when I came in I told Al that it was horrible hot and felt like the daytime temperatures. About half and hour later, we starting getting some gusty wind and it felt 15 degrees cooler. All of this was ahead of the storm. When the storm hit, we had lots of thunder and lightening and fairly heavy rain for a short time. The end result was no damage at all and a nice half inch rain. I'm happy.

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owiebrain(5 MO)

Geez, if it's not one thing, it's another for you guys this year!

Here's hoping for cooler, less dramatic weather for the rest of the summer. Something about Oklahoma brings out Mother Nature's inner Drama Queen.


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Hi all,

Thanks for the kind wishes. The fence didn't really damage too many plants, but it did beat up one of my two yellow squash plants. I think it will recover. It also severed a heavily fruit laden branch of my garden huckleberry bush. That's a bit disappointing and I felt really sad cutting it off, but it would have died anyway. Everything else is, I think, okay. The repairman came out to fix the fence today and said, "Well, I can fix your fence, but I don't know if I can do it without hurting your garden. You got a nice garden back here." But, luckily, he managed to do it. So, after the ground dries out from the 1.93" we got yesterday, I'll be able to pick more up a bit more and see if things are really as good as I hope.

I think you're right Diane! Oklahoma does bring out Mother Nature's inner drama queen!


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So sad, Kelly! In Cushing we got hit hard, too. I didn't have too many problems, but I sure had a lot of work to do this morning cleaning up the mess.


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So sorry, Kelly! On the bright side, you got almost two inches of rain... we got a few minutes of small hail and .10 inch of rain here in the Village. Pfffft!

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That's good that the fence repairman was able to do it without any further damage. It sounds like he was someone who recognized the value of a good garden. We're just a little southwest of Guthrie and we got hail but it was only about nickel sized, quite a bit of it though. I was relieved it didn't damage anything. Sure wish we'd had more rain. There was only enough in the bottom of the rain gauge to show that we got a little, probably no more than an eighth of an inch, if that much.


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