Dviding and transplanting

nebrjean1027August 21, 2005

I am dividing a clump of peonies. I FINALLY got a good chunk of it dug up and am now trying to divid and transplant it. I got a number of cuttings with 2-5 eyes - I want 5 plants planted 2' apart. Does this sound all right? I have found that a number of the fleshy roots and some around the crown have hollowed out areas. Can this be borers? Or is it normal? Will it hurt anything to plant them this way? Or should I do anything special? OR should I just wait until spring and buy some more??????

Any help or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated.

Jean 4BNebraska

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Fall is the best time for planting buy then. The hollowed crown could be from many things but most older peonies when divided have a woody portion that is sometimes hollowed out. Cut out, you might have to use a small saw the hollow places if posible. Allow to air dry to prevent mold and fungi from entering the root before planting.

Think of what you want to have. Two feet apart will form a hedge after a time. Good air circulation will prevent many problems from occuring.

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Don't worry about the hollow spots, but do think about the spacing as at two feet you well could be creating a mildew problem in the years to come. Al

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