dividing peonies

tommyspainAugust 7, 2007

Hello.........I am new to the forum and need some help ....Last fall i divided some of my peonies and replanted them (my first time for dividing peonies)........they did not come up this spring/summer at all....i assumed they likely rotted and was digging in the area to replant other plants and found all of the roots intact and with several eyes..... i moved them to pots to keep a closer eye on them,,,,,,,,now after 6 weeks they are still in the pots and not growing (and they still have eyes)...does anyone know what's up with these things and perhaps some suggestions on what i can do to help them to grow,,,,,,,advanced thanks ............Tommy

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Hi Tommy,

We are in mid to late summer now, peonies will not grow at this time. If anything, the herbaceous are in the early stages of going into dormancy in several weeks. It is best that you replant these roots in a well amended soil area give it a good drink and then wait for next year. Plants with less than 3 eyes are very slow to grow.


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