Sf Nematode Studies?

nashvillemanJanuary 6, 2010

I see on the web that several companies are selling SF Nematodes (Steinernema felitae) to control root-knot nematodes. I have searched to see if there are any scientific studies of the use of SF Nematodes but cannot find any on their effectiveness of how long a treatment works. I would appreciate any suggestions. I contacted the manufacturer but have not heard back (they claim 100% control of root-knot nematodes). Thanks

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The single best method of control is to build up your soil with organic matter so that predatory nematodes will be present to aid in control of those that are parasitic. Soil solarization is another suggested means of control, as is crop rotation and being very careful to not grow any plants that could be a host for at least 3 years.
As you have found there is really little to suggest that putting predatory nematodes are really beneficial enough to warrant the cost.

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