Squirrels - and saffron

rover72January 25, 2011

Not sure this is the right place, but the huge population of squirrels is becoming a real problem.

In 2009, I planted three dozen saffron corms; they came up fine that fall, but without blossoms - which was expected. Last spring, all but one sprouted, so I figured I'd get a decent crop come autumn....

Wrong. Not one sprouted/blossomed, and when I went looking for 'em to do an autopsy/post mortem, not one could be found. It appears they were all pilfered - and the dig marks point to the resident rodents. Who knew squirrels like saffron?

It doesn't help that I've got the only 'free lunch' (read: garden) for blocks around. 30 years ago, I planted an apple tree in the front when I bought the house, and despite a heavy fruit set each year, I've yet to get a SINGLE ONE! The bloody buggers will start 'harvesting' when the apples are golf-ball size, take a bite and say, "nope, not ripe..." drop it, and move on to the next. "Nope, not ripe...."

After the saffron situation, I'm seriously considering making a big pot of Brunswick stew....


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Many people recommend using fine gauge chicken wire to enclose their bulbs when planting. I've also read that an occasional sprinkling of blood meal will repel the varmints.

I sure do wish you luck, as these pesky little animals, along with their chipmunk and vole pals can be very destructive.

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