tree poeny

derfy(5 MI)August 25, 2009

just noticed the leaves and stems wilting and thought it was lack of water.

It's not.

The stems are turning black, first half and then it completely incircles the stem

suspect Botrytis paeoniae

what fungicides should i use

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If botrytis use copper sulfate. On market under different names.

You may not have any known fungus. Here we had such a long cool wet period the few days that it got in the upper 90's-100 the plants cooked. Some the whole plant cooked, some just certain leaves. The leaves look like they have been sun scalded. I have several plants like this including a double peach colored plant. I am hoping that the plants will recover but as bad as mine look I think they have been toasted.

On the plants with less damage it looks like a line was drawn on the leaf. One part is healthy the other part is black.

Good luck/

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derfy(5 MI)

thanks have already applied copper sulfate and Phisan 20. and cut off all diseased stems

Definately not heat problem as we've been exceptionally cool, , the leaves look fine but wilted, it's the leaf stems that are black.

from all i've read it's a fungus

here is what i got from another source, and the black stem spots are what i have

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