replant in same hole??

flowergirl70ksAugust 21, 2012

I HAVE 3 PEONIES THAT HAVEN'T BLOOMED IN 3 YEARS. I think they may be too deep. If I dig them up, can they be planted back in the same hole, or would it be better to give them a new spot?

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Do they get enough sunlight?

If that's not the issue, then try adding some azomite,or any other supplement with micro-nutrients that help with blooming. I doubt deep planting is the main issue since they can work themselves back up.

Try growing it in a pot, and see if it flowers. If they are itoh peonies, or certain species, they might need to build up some energy before flowering.

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They all get plenty of sun. All 3 planted in different beds. Others in the beds around them are doing well.
The varieties are Red Grace,she came up with orange leaves this year and has already gone dormant. Another is Laura Magnuson, very short but still bright green. The other is Topeka Coral, gone dormant already.
I do not know what azumite is
I still want to know if I can plant back in same hole.

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The growth you are getting does not say much for your soil. Even if planted too deep to flower, the growth should be good if planted in rich soil with plenty of sun and water. I would not plant back into the same soil without finding out what is wrong with it, and correcting it. Al

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