Fall Planting--Earlier due to cooler weather?

portia(PA 6B, Brandywine)August 18, 2014

so here in southeastern PA--it's been very cool this month, and I read that due to a colder jet stream which is unlikely to change-- that we may have a frost as early as sometime in September--and snow as early as Thanksgiving.

obviously knowing that predicting the weather can be hit or miss-- given the fact that we've had consistently cooler weather this spring, summer, and heading into fall--I'm wondering if I should be thinking about planting my peonies a bit earlier than planned.

most of the roots are shipping end of Sept. Is there a downside to asking the vendors to ship a week or two earlier ? I was a bit worried about getting them into the ground too close to successive frosts--but maybe this is not an issue for peonies?

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I know several of the big growers dig and replant well into November, I don't think frosts are much of an issue for peonies when they're planted bare root since they're dormant. I've dug, divided and planted new bare roots here in CO from mid August through the end of October, prefer mid-late Sept!

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portia(PA 6B, Brandywine)

yes dormant when planted, but didn't know if fall planting was supposed to try to give them a chance to root before the really cold weather came.

and yes i'd love to plant in later sept vs mid october especially as october will be busier--have more time in sept!

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They can take really cold weather soon after planting with no ill effects, think you'll be fine!

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